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We offer a broad array of financial services adapted to the specific association.


Record keeping and financial reporting are key services provided by GRIER GROUP. Included are paying of bills, recording of receipts and disbursements, and preparing of income/expense statements; monthly and annually. The collection of association fees, including a daily record of deposits, is a basic service provided by GRIER GROUP.


GRIER GROUP works with the board to develop and monitor a budget for the association which covers everything from maintenance to newletters. As the year unfolds, the board is informed of any necessary budgetary adjustments and an explanation of why they are needed. Evaluation must be continuous in order to have accurate information for the best decisions.

Investment Analysis

The development of a sound capital reserve schedule and policy is essential to the success of any assocation. GRIER GROUP will work with the board to provide an in-depth analysis of long-term financial planning with the advice of experts in the financial market.