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GRIER GROUP MANAGEMENT COMPANY is a full service management group specializing in the fields of community association management, which includes condominiums, villas, subdivisions, investment, and real property management. The firm is organized to resolve the financial, maintenance, contracting, and supervisory needs of the client. The complex requirements of living in a community association often demand the attention of specialists in the various management disciplines. Management of your community may involve one service, a combination of services, or a unified program of the services available. GRIER GROUP MANAGEMENT COMPANY provides sound management principles and practices which have been demonstrated as a crucial element in the success of community associations. There are four good reasons for this: Continuity, Economy, Consultation, Independence.


Every time there is an election, the personality of the board changes. Professional management continues regardless of changes in the board of directors.


The primary reason associations manage themselves is to save money. But time is money, and donated time has a monetary value. Professional management saves money in the long run.


Sometimes boards have unusual problems and there doesn’t seem to be any solutions. Professional management gives a broad range of experience with all types of problems.


Boards find it difficult to make unpopular decisions that effect their friends and neighbors. Many of the decisions that boards make are “short-term” judgments which may have long range implications. Professional management gives the board independence by acting as a buffer between the board and the homeowners.

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