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Don’t Let Small Problems Become BIG Ones

Summer is almost here and it’s a good time to check your plumbing. To avoid unexpected and costly problems, we recommend that you visually inspect the plumbing in your home for potential problems and offer these helpful tips:

Bathroom Plumbing

Check around the base of toilets and urinals for signs of water damage (i.e.; rolled vinyl, black or white stains).

To check for a “soft floor,” stand straddled over the toilet and rock back and forth on each foot. If the floor feels spongy, it is probably rotting or weakened.

Check to see how fast the toilets flush.

Water Supply Piping

Check all exposed piping for signs of leaking or wear.

Water Heater

Check the date of the water heater. The first four numbers of the serial number on the water heater are the month and year. Any heater over 15 years old is a candidate to be replaced.

A rusty water tank is a sign of pending problems.

Miscellaneous Plumbing

Check to make sure that the garbage disposer and dishwasher connections are tight and leak free.

Check washing machine hoses for rupture or weakness. Turn valves on and off to test for leaks.

Standing Water

Standing water is another common problem resulting from leaky or broken pipes. Excess water in a yard or parking lot may be coming from a damaged sewer line and may contain waste from your business. Inspect the yard for areas that are too wet and with unusual plant or grass growth.

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