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A Word from St. Peters Police Department on Holiday Safety

A Word from St. Peters Police Department on Holiday Safety

Most people see the holiday season as a time for giving and generosity. Unfortunately, we have to account for the small number of people who see it as a time for stealing and selfishness. Please have fun shopping this year, but do what you can to take away criminals’ opportunities to strike.

Retail Shopping:

  • Stay alert to surroundings and people around you
  • Safety in numbers
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash/credit cards
  • Women: Purses should be kept close to bodies. Men: Wallets should be carried in front pocket
  • Don’t set down bags while shopping/eating
  • Keys in hand when you are walking to vehicle
  • If you put presents in vehicle, do not go back into the store. Someone could be watching and waiting to break into your vehicle.

Parking Lots:

  • Shop early and leave early to avoid darkness
  • If you shop at night, park near parking lot lights
  • Prior to arriving at the shopping center, lock all valuables in trunk of vehicle or remove them from the car
  • Ask for security escort if you purchased high dollar item or you are concerned about your safety
  • Walk briskly, confidently and directly to vehicle
  • Be cautious and alert to other people around you

Shopping On-Line:

  • Only use reputable websites
  • Use credit card or PayPal for purchases. Debit cards should not be used in case your account number is compromised.
  • Check address bar when “checking-out.” Should read HTTPS:// The “S” stands for ‘secure.’

Miscellaneous Tips:

  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry
  • Keep record of all credit card numbers in a safe place at home
  • Carry a cell phone for emergency calls
  • Beware of Charities
  • Initiate your own contact with charities, do not get sucked into telemarketing charity calls
  • This includes clothing pick-up charities
  • Do not leave vehicles running unattended. There is an increase, regionally, of stolen vehicles in the winter time due to this reason alone.

Protecting Your Home:
Many burglaries occur during the holidays because many people leave town for long periods of time.

  • Discontinue mail/paper or have a neighbor collect them
  • Put interior lights on a timer, leave a radio on
  • Make sure exterior of home is properly lit
  • Many homes in our area are not properly lit at night time which welcomes a variety of criminal behavior
  • Protecting valuables inside home:
  • Remove expensive jewelry from master bedroom and prescriptions from bathroom and put in a storage room in basement/attic, etc.
  • Communicate with your neighbors when you are leaving town and provide them with a contact phone number

St. Peters Police Department Non-Emergency Phone Number: 636-278-2222
O’Fallon Police Department Non-Emergency Phone Number: 636-240-3200
St. Charles City Police Department Non-Emergency Phone Number: 636-946-3300
St. Charles County Sheriff Department Non-Emergency Phone Number: 636-949-0809
Officer Melissa Doss: 636-278-2244 ext. 3550 mdoss@stpetersmo.net

Lastly, we have received e-mails, phone calls and personal contacts from area residents and business owners in relation to the grand jury announcement in St. Louis County. At this time, we do not anticipate any major issues in the St. Peters area; however, we do understand things can and do change so we have a regional plan in place if we do experiences any issues.

St. Peters Police Department understands the concerns of residents and business owners, but we wanted to make sure residents know that we are actively monitoring the situation and will continue to do so in order to continue to protect our residents and businesses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Officer Melissa Doss
Community/Media Relations
636-278-2244 ext 3550

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