Full Care Fertilization Program

Full Care Fertilization Program

The month of March was unseasonably cool and covered us with 10-14 inches of snow toward the end of the month.  We have been working diligently to apply pre-emergent application during the month of April.  Due to a number of phone calls, we have decided to put out a newsletter containing information about the timing of applications.

Pre-emergent applications are applied according to soil temperatures not air temperatures or date.  As a general rule, soil temperatures need to exceed 70 degrees for numerous days consecutively.  With the cooler temperatures and recent snowcover, we are well below 70 degree soil temperatures.

Most lawn and landscape companies will apply pre-emergentsONLY in their first round of application.  Here at Full Care, our program includes pre-emergent, broadleaf control, and liquid fertilizer in our first round alone.  We have a different, more effective, and efficient program than the competition.

Our pre-emergents are a liquid spray application providing 100% coverage.  Granular pre-emergents are common because it is quick and easy to apply but does not provide 100% coverage.  At Full Care Inc., we believe in providing our customers with the best service and products they deserve.

Please be patient with the timing of our first application in your community.  We promise to have things completed in the near future and in a timely fashion.

Kyle Fults
Full Care, Inc

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